Welcome to LAVENDEYA

We are currently in the Research and development phase of our company. The birth of a new way of designing clothing, the birth of a new way of seeing our bodies.
We want to create a unique experience for you and for everyone who is touched by this blessing.
Here at Lavendeya we want to remove the stigma of image, or size, or social acceptance. At Lavendeya you are the model, the only model that matters is you. We design and custom create your leggings specifically for your body type, your needs as far as comfort or fitness or just lounging. Maybe you want to jog on the weekends but also want to just relax in the evenings. Lavendeya wants to find the perfect fit, fabric and design to suit your exact needs.
We are all unique and beautiful human beings, and nothing should stop us from looking as beautiful as we feel with out any social views of what should be "the perfect body or the perfect fit"


Picture this, you are a single mom, you have had a hard time feeling comfortable at the gym because the leggings you have are a bit thin, they're too tight, a bit too long. if you don't feel good about your self image you won't want to show that image to the world.

At Lavendeya we believe that everyone is equally as beautiful and self image should not hinder your progress in this life.
Now picture this same beautiful person, she's wearing a custom made pair of leggings designed for what she wants to do. They're the perfect length, they're not too tight, and they stretch perfectly without being revealing. That image helps build confidence. And let's be completely honest confidence is the key to every success we have in our lives.

Not only do we want to nurture your confidence but we want to help you to see the beauty we see in you.


Breathe - Be Blessed - Plant Wild Flowers

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