Dearest Yoga Angels,

At LAVENDEYA we are dedicated to helping save the bee. Sadly the bee is becoming endangered at an alarming rate.

Our mission is to create the Fraser Valley Bee Conservation and Education Center. 

As our project progresses we will update our dedicated friends and followers. Currently we are launching our Yoga Apparel e-Store as a means to raise the money we require to fund or project. We are not a non profit organization and we have found it is extremely difficult to find government resources for our mission therefore we decided to approach the solution and our goal from a different angle. 

With eCommerce becoming more and more common we decided that this would be a great opportunity for our company to raise the money we need whilst selling quality products for customers and friends. 

Let us thank you in advance for helping us achieve our mission to create a safe haven for the many different species of pollinators that are becoming endangered.

For every sale we make, we will put 50% of the profits into our conservation fund. The other 50% will go towards operating our e-store. 

-This is our way of giving back for our many blessings-